Andrea, Director of Product Development

Andrea is the oldest son of Renzo, the founder of our shoe factory. Growing up with a father who was a master shoemaker and a mother who was an “aggiuntatrice” (sewed uppers), he had shoes in his blood and knew from an early age that he wanted to go into the family business.
His family built the factory right next door to their house, separated from the factory by a single wall. As a child he and Fabio roller skated around the factory floor, playing around the workers.
While he was in art school in 1980, he started going to night school at a pattern making course in Santa Croce sull’Arno, and was part of the inaugural class of a school which is still training pattern makers to this day. After the course, he apprenticed with a famous designer, learning the intricacies of making patterns of all kinds, developing a style from a sketch, and bringing designs to life. When his father had a back injury, Andrea rushed home to lend a hand running the factory while he recovered and stayed to work full time in the family business.

Now Andrea manages the development of every style from sketch to pattern to prototype to sample to production shoe. He follows every step of the process with both precision and the eye of an artist. Although he and his team are all classically trained in paper pattern making, he’s always looking for ways to make the process more streamlined, and his team now uses a CAD system to create and grade the patterns, which saves time and is extremely precise.