Ethical doesn’t begin to describe it.

We partner closely with small, family-owned factories that have mastered their craft over generations in this historically rich heart of Italy’s luxury leather-goods community. Up to three generations of the same family can be found together in the workshops on any given day. The other artisans, who are treated like members of the family themselves, work on long-term contracts that guarantee a solid living wage and benefits. (And, of course, a vacation with their families to the beach every August. This is Italy, after all!)
Elevated craftsmanship:
The workshops that handcraft ARNO products are the exact same ones that produce top luxury brands. The artisans are true masters of their craft, with skills that have been passed down from generation to generation. They blend old-world tradition with cutting edge modern technology to create a handmade product that is truly unsurpassed in its quality - reflecting a trained artist’s precision and sensitivity.
As many brands continue to pull production out of Italy to cut costs, we’ve turned our attention to finding innovative ways to deliver Italian-made product to the customer that will lower the final price, while leaving the quality untouched.

Craftmanship is at the core of what we do.

Slow Fashion:
We’re passionate about making high-quality staple pieces in luxe materials that will last forever. Each piece is handmade in Italy in small-batch production runs, which means we only produce what we can sell. We work exclusively with tanneries that are committed to the ethical treatment of animals and responsible waste disposal, and we use leathers that are tanned using a non-toxic process. We select every material carefully, not only for their luxe quality but for their durability, so they will only improve with wear. We believe in creating investment pieces of exceptional quality and timeless style that will last for many years, opting to avoid fleeting trends.